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Happy New Year and Prosperous 2021. Yes! It is another brand new year. Lots of resolutions and people are setting goals for the year. We thank God for seeing us through the year 2020 despite the pandemic, we made it through. The same God that saw us through the year 2020 will surely see us through this new year 2021 in Jesus name.

As we all know that every year come with its own package so this year will not be exempted but before we talk about what the year brings, let us remember that with God on our side, everything is going to work together for our good in Jesus name because His presence He had promised us. Exodus 33:14 “And He said, “My presence shall go with you, and I will give you rest”. His promises concerning us in this year shall surely come to manifestation in Jesus name.

The year is still very new that one can be saying this or that but whatever comes with this year, as for us it will be blessings. Whatever comes with the year, make sure you make it your own year.

How will you make it your own year?

  1. Walk in faith. Let your faith be more active this year

  2. Trust in God and His word

  3. Do not be distracted.

  4. Take everything to God in prayer.

May God bless and multiply you in this new year in Jesus name.

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